Journalist: Eva-Kristin Urestad Pedersen (38)



 The Writery (if you are wondering, 'Skriveriet' is an invented word also in Norwegian) was born in Miami, Florida. Or at least the idea was. I visited a gallery  found a group of artists there,  working and exhibiting their work together. The atmosphere was amazing. The air was ripe with creativity but in spite of the workshop feeling, the gallery  was peaceful, enabling visitors to really enjoy the exposed works. When I had to start a company to manage my freelance journalism, I wanted it to become something similar to the Miami gallery, if not in a physical then at least in a virtual sense. So here it is - The Writery.

Most of the articles on this page are in  Norwegian but  I also write in English.  Art lovers are recommended to  my Art Blog. Other articles in English are here:

Carlos - A Spanish Emigrant

The Death of a Magazine

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Pizzarium: A review

Room for more creative destruction - reflections on Sicily

Right now, I'm engaged in a really exciting project with my friend and colleague Vilde Skorpen Wikan and Minerva; an international series on safe spaces-movements. We're looking for contributors these days - please see this document for more information.

For everything else, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Here are the rest of my articles - in Norwegian:

Skriveriet.no er eid og drevet av Pedersen Skriveri.

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